NNESAGA is a global & impactful company leading in gaming, lifestyle,sport, tech & entertainment. 

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NNESAGA holds no bounds when it comes to curating unique & exciting content that reflects the culture. We allow the balance of creativity & relativism to diverse audiences.

Whether it is original in house production, client-focused content or more, gaming, lifestyle, entertainment, tech & sport are our fundamental focuses. We house shows such as Europe's first female-led basketball podcast; The More than Ball Show & Football/Gaming podcast; Keep it 90 Show

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and DEI

Our DEI Consultancy not only delivers the necessary KPI's & results for our clients, our secret weapon is driving impact through our services such as; bespoke marketing strategies, DEI training & recruitment, brand partnerships & much more.

We Want to ensure that diversity, inclusion, representation & equity are our primary focuses that integrates in our clients ethos.

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It all began with events back in 2015. Creating safe spaces and fun experiences is what we ensure our consumers get a taste of. We specialise in;

- Community-based tournaments/events
- Launch events
- Gaming partnered events
- Coporate/Client events
- Workshops
- Networking events
-DEI focused events

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Influencer marketing

The Nnesaga community houses the best & diverse roster of talent.

We are excited to bring talent brokering services that suit your next campaign, exclusive insight on the climate of the industry by having eyes and ears on the ground.

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NNESAGA's work since 2015 speaks for itself. Our extensive list of successful brand partnerships activations which are carefully curated, offers each brand an authentic & refreshing feel entering the games industry.

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Full stacked production house creating unique, fun & original in house content across gaming & entertainment. Clients include Sky studios

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